Additional Features

Includes preset graphics, as well as blanks for your custom use:

This design features a clean, professional layout.  All elements are custom images that are not found in the standard Fusion styles installation.  What this means to you is that your site will maintain a custom look rather than a typical style designed site that is created with the standard Fusion installation.  The style that is installed with this template is named RED ORANGE BLISS V1.

There is also a distinct subpage layout as shown here, using the banner function for title.  To use the alternate layouts, you simply change the masterborder to one of the subpages options.

Your company logo simply gets inserted in place of the sample logo in the Layout Region within the Master Border.  You may insert it as a transparent image to maintain background or as a solid image to maintain a block look.  The style also contains a blank masthead for your use.

The navigation bars are intended to be used horizontally.  Blank hover (on and off) images and the top and bottom end caps(if applicable) are included in the Extras folder. 

A set of “drop letters” is included for your use.  These images get inserted as the first letter of a paragraph.  Modification to the image properties is required to get the wrapping of text.  Once inserted, set your drop letter image attributes to match this screen clip.

 A collection of miscellaneous icons is also included.
 and more!


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