Getting Started

To get started with this template, save the to your PC.
Unzip the file.  This will create a "templatename".zip file and a "Template Name Extras" folder.  The "templatename".zip is the Fusion template.  The Extras folder contains supplemental images and resources.

To use the template, simply open Fusion, click File, then New Site, then From Template...
Navigate to the location of "templatename".zip and select it. Fusion will ask you to name your new site that is based off of the template. Pick a suitable name.

At that point, you are ready to start using the layout!  The layout will contain what you see here as a reference.  As you start to customize the layout, delete the text where needed.  Be careful not to delete the tables when trying to delete text.  If this happens, simply click Edit, Undo and reselect the text object only.  For best results, you can use the object tree to navigate the layout.

There is a page titled BLANK PAGE that contains no tutorial or informational content.  It is ready for use.  In some templates there are additional subpage layouts set under the masterborder properties.  You may simply delete the other three subpages form your structure and start designing.  If you wish to have any of the elements found on the first page to be included in any of your subpages, simply copy and paste it where needed.

The EXTRAS folder contains the blank navigation rollover images, drop letters A thru Z, sliced image elements used within the template, and additional graphics and icons for your use within this layout.  If applicable, it also contains the fonts used and other image resources within the template.

[Getting Started]

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